Our mission

Most dynamicly developing companies have realized that it is most efficient to do a CSR activity which fits the company’s expertize and it’s employee’s qualities. This way they can create real value and ensure sustainable development. A corporation is not only responsible for their consumers and partners, but for all of society.
We based the Academy’s activities on this train of thought.

New generation CSR packages for corporations – specifically tailored for your company!

How can we help?

  • Complex plan for designed for you
  • From idea to reality
  • Customer service backup
  • Administration
  • Inner and outer campaigns
  • Planning and managing social media activity
  • Prepairing and updating materials and content
  • Opportunity to use our database
  • Design and implementation of flyers
  • Event planning

    • Implementation
    • Communication plan
  • Preparations for EU competitions

How do you win?

  • Positive image in the consumers mind
  • Sustainable development for the long run
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Positive differentiation from the competition
  • New connections

Some foretaste of our favourite projects

Budapest - Singapore the same city

Safer Internet Day is held every year on the second Tuesday of February.

This year in 2016, the Digital Knowledge Academy and Microsoft organized an event to raise awareness to the matters importance. The Academy's delegation went to Singapore and connected Hungarian and Singaporean children via Microsoft Lync. After many months of preparation, the event was successful, which echoed through the Hungarian media and served as a good experience for the team.

The English video is coming soon!

Smartdigital program

Digital Knowledge Academy is the implementer of Telekom’s Smartdigital for students, teachers and parents.

We are proud that one of Hungary’s best telecommunicational corporation chose us to develop and maintain their CSR program.

With our collaborative efforts, to date, 63022 children and 400 teachers have taken part in our thematic presentations about internet and telecommunication safety.

Become an IT Expert!

With the support of T-Systems, in partnership with Digital Knowledge Academy and HTTP Foundation

Become an IT Expert! Is a gapfilling and unique talent program designed and developed for T-Systems.

In the program, employees of the Telekom Group volunteer to show elementary and high school students the colorful and exciting world of IT. The orientational lesson is held in school hours across the country.

TEMPO 2015

We developed the Tempo project together with T-Systems which of forged to take into consideration the executives existing competencies and bring them to the next level.

The program contains 5 projects which were coordinated by 5 T-Systems executives. Those projects included the successful Become an IT Expert!, the Digitally Responsible Parent educational program and the Digital Teacher training. Thus efficiency in this light is unquestionable.

UP center

In progress

An offline space, where anyone can be online!

UP center is a creative workshop, where anyone can get to know with the online world and its opportunities with the support of experts guiding them!
More details on our Facebook page

Cooperating with the council of Újbuda we have made it possible to open a multifunctional center which would serve as the stable base for gifted children and young adults. This is a wonderful opportunity for development, orientation and to gain knowledge about infocommunicational technology.